Booking Terms and Conditions

When booking you agree to inform us of any changes to your booking as soon as possible including any changes regarding dietary requirements. 

CANCELLATIONS: Cancelling 2 hours or less before your allocated time will incur a £5 per head charge. Staff discretion will be used in exceptional circumstances.

Please note that if you have requested a special dietary afternoon tea (such as vegan, made without gluten, dairy, egg or nuts or any other request that requires individual cakes to be prepared) cancellation after 4pm on the day before your booking will result in the full price of the afternoon tea being charged.

No Show/failing to turn up for your booking without informing us of your cancellation will incur a £10 per head charge.


Your booking can be cancelled or amended using the link in your confirmation email or by calling the Tearoom on 0141 237 4391.

Please note that a 10% service charge will be added to bookings over 6 or more people, This charge goes to our team.